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Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Arrival at the Beginning of the School Day

Family / Parent Drop Off will be held in the back of the school on South Avenue. Families will still
be required to come into the parking lot area and follow the loop around to safely drop off their student(s). This area is
quite busy in the morning, so we recommend when you drive into the back lot area, please pull all the way up to the
front so that additional cars can pull up behind you. Additionally, please turn right out of the parking lot on South Ave. to
avoid further congestion.

Buses will drop students off in the front of the building at the main entrance. Staff will be in both locations to help with
this transition.

Leaving School at the End of the Day

If you are picking up your student at the end of the day, you must notify your student’s teacher or the elementary office.
If you are calling the office, please try to do so before 2:45p.m. Please do not leave a message on the classroom
teacher’s voicemail or send an email during the day, as he/she may not have an opportunity to check messages until
after the students have left for the day. For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to leave the school building
without an adult. You must come into the school (main entrance) to pick up your student(s).